I’m a walking cannon in the flesh just test me and you’ll see.                                                               I’m really truly blessed but I got a lot of demons up in me.                                                                   When it comes to war. I am the best. If you look me in my eyes the nightmares you will            see. When I breath in air I exhale death. My lungs are like fire in the first degree. I try              to stay away from liars. Trying to get the truth out of them is like pulling teeth. Your tone of voice is very shaky so put some base in your chest when you talk to me.                         Keen on body language I see you are in fear of me. A life of crime was always haunted by         my actions. So my actions… Please set me free. Miraculously I clung to life when your bullets entered me.                                                                                                                                           Can’t you see… Can’t you feel… Can’t you hear… Can’t you smell… Cant you taste…

All the elements that I embody, and I’am the darkness on feet and the sun light does not revolve around me. Cold as a wintry Niagara falls frozen over in ice. I stand taller than the Washington monument symbolizing that my skin is made of stone and my heart you could never get to even if you took the long never ending stairs to it. I’am deaths immortal son of anarchy’s past present and future.

Try me and you’ll see!


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