A true story

It all started when I was about six or seven years old. I was riding my bike far from where my mother told me I could go, I did anyway. After all I was always a curious but quiet kid. Anyway I rode my bike three blocks up the street on a chilly but fair October afternoon. I stopped my bike at a busy intersection and my eyes seen two police man beating a man badly to the point he was screaming help until help faded away in his voice.                                  It had turned out that the man was selling flowers in the middle of the busy road by the traffic lights. He would walk back in forth oscillating between cars making flower sales in the middle of a busy street. He didn’t have permits to do transactions there so the police approached him quickly hopping out there patrol cars with there black boots to the pavement slamming their car doors like the cars doors were their worst enemy.                   The police officers asked the man with the bucket of flowers did he have any identification on him as I watched from across the street on my big wheel bike that was red and yellow with black tires. It was my favorite bike to ride down hills with but the bike had absolutely no brakes so I had to stop the bike with my feet like the flint stone’s. The two officers, one black and the other one white asked the man that looked like he was in his mid to late twenties that was peddling rose peddles and other flowers. The black officer asked him.”What are you doing out here trying to cause a accident, let me see your I.D. boy.” The guy replied by saying.” I don’t have my I.D. on me sir.” Before the man could even finish his sentence the white officer was putting the man in hand cuffs. I didn’t know why? It didn’t seem like the man was doing anything wrong to be placed in hand cuffs but what did I know I was just some nosy kid from across the street.

The guy that was selling flowers asked the officers over and over again.” What am i being arrested for and what did i do wrong.” Both of the cops said to him yelling out.”Shut your fucking mouth or I’m going to shut your eyes.” The man was still asking.”What is this for, am i going to jail for selling flowers.” And in mid sentence the white officer punched the guy down in the grass.

Oh did I mention the man was in hand cuffs. Once the man hit the ground the officers started kicking the man that was selling flowers until he wasn’t moving anymore. I seen all of this with my own two eyes and until this day I never told anyone. Three days later we had officially found out what had happen on the ten o’clock news. the man that was selling flowers had died when he hit the ground.                                                                                               The two officers never got charged with the murder of a unarmed black male who was selling flowers to support his family because he lost his job and couldn’t get another one in time to keep up with his bills. He was also a father of three girls. How did the officers not get charged. HOW YOU SAY! Simple… Because they claimed self defense because the said they were IN FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES…. Did I mention the man was in hand cuffs. They had to take action against a unarmed man in hand cuffs. WOW!                     Right then and there at a young age I learned to stay away from the police in my city. It’s funny because on the side of the police cars it says in big letters.”To protect and serve”. When the only people they protect is themselves when they lie in court cases. The only thing they serve is death warrants from the devils bounty corporation.                               PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong because there are good cops out there but only a hand full of them are present and even the cops know that’s true. I just want to say to the good officers keep on serving for peace and do what you know in your heart is right and your soul shall be rewarded with good karma and many blessings.

I always think that, that man could of been me……


6 thoughts on “FOR THE MASTERS PART 2

  1. Well that’s just sad. But aren’t you tired of hearing that? And I don’t think PO’s are aware that eyes are everywhere. They have no idea whose dreams they could be crushing. It’s unfortunate that that man was murdered and you witnessed it. I’d be leery of police too after seeing something like that. Thanks for sharing.

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    • There aware most of them just have a mafia like god complex though where I’m from. Its crazy as hell. But like i said there are some good PO’s and some evil ones. but where I’m from there just more evil than good. thanks for listening.

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