You and me were suppose to be until a sea of pain bought title waves but who’s to blame for our darkest days. Many words were said before I put you to bed. You told me not to leave but why would I stay. Your words were hurricanes and your actions were the same. The past bought lots of rain and dark storms that came.
Your shirt soaked in tears, my hearts deepest pain then the storms came. Over and over and over… GOD! The pain came closer and closer to driving me insane. No blue sky’s for us no sunny days ever came.Your shirt soaked in tears again. I’m sorry but I can not stay… Trying to please you will kill me but who’s to blame, WHO I SAY? These will always be my darkest days.
Please… No pain for me and I wont become your slave. Lord knows those were my darkest days and for that I blame all those rainy days. The rainy days and bright thunder storms that came.
Love… is… pain…
Love… is…
PAIN- 1 any unpleasant bodily sensation produced by illness, accident etc. 2 MENTAL SUFFERING!!!!



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