Inhale… Exhale…Inhale… Exhale…Inhale… Exhale…
Tears of joy know that my moms second born made it another day In the city of death, destruction and fire that surrounds me. The smell of eggs and bacon frying over loud rap music booming out the cars as they pass by the apartments. As a nostalgia of hearing van doors slide back opening fast like broken glass as the shell casings hit the concrete. Listen as my heart beats fast like a crack fiend taking his first blast. I’m alive another day! I made it in the city of mayhem through my rayband lenses. As I slide on my slide on’s and brush my teeth. Its cold outside but I know Ill be surrounded by heat. As I open the door and walk to the corner store to get my morning brew and cheap whiskey I’m bewildered by the slow police car creeping past me. Their eyes watching me and my every move as I walk down the dried blood graffiti on the side walk. It made me think of the wild gun fight of last weak. Claiming yet another victim of these streets and by the way his casket was closed as his family and close associates weep. As I walk down the block past the drug spot where the blind open air sales are made while sweat cascades down my cheek. Hoping I don’t catch a stray from an AK while a botched robbery takes place in front of me. I say whats up to everybody I past by. Knowing they might not last today or this week. Greedy politicians and police brutality is a trending topic while I hear the old men on the block constantly gossip about the lead in our drinking water and the schools where our sons and daughters go are closing and they aren’t giving us jobs or decent wages so how do we survive? Where there are teenage pregnancy weekly and welfare and food stamps are on the rise. As the day ends I leave my friends with a half a pint of gin as I say my goodbyes because I know seven out of ten of them wont make it out of these streets alive. Before I take my keys out and open up the door. I realize that no ones home and the door locks are broken and laying on the floor, but I don’t get mad that my apartment is in a disarray. I know that whoever stole from me will be eating and supporting there families another day. God is good and life is so misunderstood, I still live and I shall give in each and every way. A Baltimore city state of mind. Crime in order to survive as I blink my eyes then go to sleep. Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale…



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