The life you live is ethereal to me. I will never understand it. My life to you is the same but deeper. See I can’t be with you because I don’t want you to suffer. You know me and you know that my life is like no other. You were just going to college and at the same time I was going to jail. You didn’t understand it but you accepted it. You really loved me. But I was a G… A born gangster in the eyes of the black robes that sentenced me for something I didn’t even do.We where from two different worlds and the point is you were to good for me and I didn’t want to ruin your life. My biggest way of showing you I love you was to let you go. So fly away and become something that Ill never be and I want you to love someone that deserves you more than I do. Born in a haphazard life I was. You however where bought up in a beautiful Koi pond life style everything just perfect. You deserved better.


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