I’m tired of living where the sun never shines, where the birds are afraid to chirp in the morning, where the bad things only get worst, no hope at all. I’m tired of where I live. It’s dangerous and filled with drug addicts, teenage killers and rapist god save us. I’m tired of coming home to the same thing. Six people in a two bed room apartment my hopes and dream claustrophobic and constricted by negativity and limited possibility’s.
I’m 12 years old and I’m starving. I’m tired of eating all this instant ramen, left over cheese stakes and greasy fries, fried chicken boxes from the corner store because that’s all my mother could afford. I’m tired of sharing my clothes with my brothers and stealing socks out of there bags when their not looking because I was down to my last pair.
I’m tired of going to the market with my mother and getting items that later on when we get to the registers I have to put some items back on the shelf because mom thought we could afford them but we couldn’t so back on the shelf they go. I’m tired of the other kids laughing at my clothes because there old hand me downs from a different time zone. I’ll show them later on not to laugh at me!
I’m tired of being broke. I’m tired of being everyones joke. I’m tired of being against the ropes of poverty. I’m tired of living grime. I’m tired of crying silently. Lights out!! Bills piling the kids stomachs growling mom crying because shes getting tired of trying. Violence in the worst timing. Trying not to start robbing. Trying to live righteous.
I coax with family members to get me life insurance fast. Debating with them about life inequity and bad pictures of the past. There were no perfect pictures at all. So as I get older I now see that its time for me to take risk for better picks. Please pray for me ma ma because I’m going federal. No more tears ma ma.



  1. This reminds me of something I heard in the news maybe a year or so ago. There was this guy who committed crimes just so he could go back to prison to have three square meals a day and a cot to rest his head at night. You know things are bad when people choose jail over a “life” of freedom.


  2. Wow. You hit this “type of life” perfectly. You`re writing is really intriguing and actually had me reading until the end, which doesn`t always happen…
    I hope you keep writing!


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