I just come to believe that words can kill and negative criticism sucks. I try to act like what people say doesn’t bother me but it does. I cant lie no more to myself and hold my head high. The things people can say can crush you before you even know you’ve been tarnished by laugh off insults. You know what I mean. When some one says something mean to you in a joking way and you just sit there and laugh it off like it didn’t just put a bullet hole in you. The mental scares that words can open in you no Band-Aid or gauze can cover up or seal the wound. I find that even when people so called joke with you it hurts. let’s face it there is always some truth in a joke like a drunk persons quotes. I just laugh it off though I want to get angry and snap on the inside.
I’m way weaker than I ever thought. I really don’t care what people say about me, but who am I kidding words hurt.
You don’t understand your damage. You don’t have to hit me and shoot me to hurt me. You don’t have to talk about my problems out loud like its a joke. You don’t have to smile and laugh at my discomfort. Stop and think before you say something to someone! STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU HURT SOMEONES FEELINGS! STOP… AND… THINK…. Because if I get mad then all of the sudden I’m the bad guy but you don’t even realize you made me this way. All because you wanted to so called make jokes. Well Im not joking and I’m not fucking laughing so miss me with your weak jokes and horrible quotes.
Miss me I quote! Miss.. Me…



  1. I can relate. Sometimes jokes aren’t jokes. It’s funny my family and I was just talking about people needing to be careful with the things they say. I absorb certain things close people say to me and think, really, they just disrespected me in such an undercutting fashion that it almost went unnoticed. I also believe we can create someone else’s world, positive or negative because after all, words are powerful. I even do my best to mind my mouth. Very thoughtful and sobering words you have here.

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  2. Totally understand why you understood my recent post. This was on my mind a lot. The jokey insults have to stop. I can’t undersand why people say rude things and then get defensive when you say, “Miss… me…” It’s a lack of self awareness on the part of the speaker and dishonest to not accept consequences for being unkind.

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    • Perfect… See you get what i’m saying. People can be so one track minded that they blind them selves from there own reality of there self. If you dont have anything good to say dont say it at all. Or just stay away from me mr or miss negativity. thanks for your comment there.

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      • Well i’m new to the computer world and the world of technology. (don’t laugh at me) lol… Soo i don’t know what you mean by ping back or Any type of computer quotes. but i’m learning fast. and thanks again for acknowledging my so called talent. Much appreciated!

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  4. Chris, This was filled with sobering emotions and the hard truth. Negative words or criticisms pierce the heart and hurt badly especially when they are thrown from close associates. Be it in the form of jokes or direct insults. Infact, some people ridicule and tarnish others in form of jokes but I don’t buy it. I withdraw and move away from such suckers ‘cos they breed hate, spite and gloom. I think people should guide and watch their utterances before they kill or reduces a person’s enthusiasm for live. These cruel words… in which ever guises they are projected become poisons that erode the burning flames of hope in others. And the speakers never truly understand the magnitude of their careless actions forgetting that words are powerful negative or positive. I try as much as possible to guide my tongue, cos I know how I feel when insultive words are unleashed on my person. It’s crazy sometimes! 🙂

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