Whats more valuable than money? Your soul is the answer to that. Well in my opinion. Whats your true worth? Do you know? Nope… I don’t think you do. Before you go to bed.. Well when you finally do. Do you pray for forgiveness? Do you pray for your family? Do you have family to pray for? Do you sleep well? Do you sleep at all? Do you? When you wake up do you thank the almighty that you have breath today? Also that you have another chance to make a change? Or maybe you just don’t even care because when the sun shines through the window on the dark side of your empty bed you realize that your alone and there is no one there beside you.
Your mind changes like a on and off switch. Don’t it! Should you care or not… Right? Do people in your life really care about you? Or are they just using you? I don’t know…
Do people in your life even understand that you’re one of a kind and there is know one on the planet like you?
Be yourself because being different is being beautiful.

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