From day one you were a positive influence on me and that’s fact. Please don’t let no one tell you different. Watching you when I was growing up was like watching a mob movie except you were really a good fella. Know hello’s or good byes you were like a clean pair of tennis shoes the way you kept the streets tied. When I spoke to you, you always replied in confidence with no lies. You never taught me how to play baseball or football outside but you taught me things that couldn’t be learned in no school or in books or even if google existed back then. I still wouldn’t have known if you wouldn’t have taught me then. You where my mentor, either or. When life was rough to me you taught me how to fight back. When I had no food to eat you told me you’d be right back. when I got put out in the streets you showed me you had my back. You were there when no one else was and through the dark alley’s in hells pockets of the city you often gave me a light to navigate and terminate my biggest fears. Thanks to you I fear nothing and no one. Thanks to you I was the nails to many coffins of those with sharp tongue’s. Thanks to you I never starved. Thanks to you, you made me believe there’s a God. Thanks to you I could rest easily. Thanks to you I had confidence in myself and all my plans went breezy.
I remember all of those days in the rain, I was a walking shame. A plane crashed into my mind and seperated us forever. Nah I dont think so never. As long as you have a voice I will listen and as long as I have a choice I will make some visits. You can continue to bless my ears with your knowledge. No school or college for us we majored in street-olidgy and we graduated with our masters in urban combat and street politics and economic’s. No fraudulence or faking so take this to your grave sir. Youre the man who made me who I am today sir.
I am strong now because of you!

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