Give me your hand I want to feel your palms. Put your arms around me so my love can sing you a song. I see you and the way you stare at me. I can see what’s on your mind and what you want from me!
You will never know what you can have if you don’t get up and ask. Introduce yourself to me. That should be your next task. O… Okay… I see you want to play hard to get with me. Sweety… that won’t work see I already know what your eyes are saying to me. Your eyes so inviting, so enlightening, they light up the room like lightning and I’ve got some thunder for you. A game of mental tug of war you’ve got going with me. Please just get up and and tell me your name please. You know you want me like I want you so come close to me sit with me so I can smell the scent of your peach skin.
You will never know what you can have if you don’t get up and ask. We made eye contact for six seconds and you turned away smiling. Ha Ha Ha… I caught you. I’m really thinking what you’re thinking so just please ask me a question like “Is this seat taken.” Even if it was my sweetness they just lost their seat because I know one conversation from me will make your life complete. Yeah… I know I’m bragging in my head again and I’m looking at those sexy legs again. The truth is that deep down inside I’m not stuck up like I appear to be I’m just so shy and I think you are too. Damn I really wish I had the gull to talk to you. I finally get up but not to approach her, but only to walk away. When I get out the door and turn back one last time guess who was still bright eyed and looking at me. Damn! Another missed opportunity.
Let me tell you… She ran through my mind for weeks. All I could think about was us together rolling around on my bed sheets. Not to sound perverted, but trust me when I saw her she look like she wanted the same thing. A long and interesting convo about our past, present and future. I would run my fingers through her curly black hair and stare into her eyes over candle lights and inhale my future wife’s essence. Her lips would be mine. My hands griping her thighs and she will want me inside and I will reply, no lets take it slow… Lets savor the moment. Never drink your tea while its hot. Wait for it to cool then slowly sip and enjoy it.
Then it all comes back to me… REALITY! Why didn’t I just speak. WHY ME!

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