I was timid and often bullied by evil thoughts that were sharper than old clothes hangers that popped the locks on your cars at night. Often a sunder reminder of who I really was on the inside. Dark and full of rage. I couldn’t turn the page if I wanted to. The book of my life was already wrote, miraculously I’m still here to quote this. These lines I spill from my tongue giving ones intellect a mental portrait on my way of living. Still sentenced to the pitch black hole in my heart. I’m hurting like a wounded hawk with a broken wing and you can feel the very pain in my speech. Life was often very cruel to me can’t you see that even when I go to war I want peace. I want to love but its hard for me. I want to forgive but its dissolving me. You cant replace something that’s one of a kind. There’s no revolving me and I hope these words hit your ears impetus In case you think about targeting me, because when I was young my childhood was robbed from me. Understand that I am….


10 thoughts on “THIS IS ME 

  1. Hmmn, These are deep words. Forgiveness and love are the keys for a rebirth, for healing and for peace of mind from the hurts and pains. I hope you find all of these. Thanks Chris, for sharing your thoughts. Take care! Cheers. Xx

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