I died today… Rest in peace… So sad my life ended like it started. Addiction… I couldn’t shake it so I dissolved in my own bag of brown sugar. The pain it wouldn’t stop, the flames were very hot and I’ve stained the minds of lots, but only after death. No pot to piss in so I stole yours. Bewildered… Kicking in door after door only to find more problems on the other side. Your irresponsible lectures turned me out. Making me heartless. This is evidence that supports and confirms my statements. I laid on her stomach at night rubbing my fingers on her cesarean scars and she took her pocket knife that was already stained with her past lovers blood and stabbed me in the back and twisted the blade until it broken in my flesh to create more pain. I didn’t die from that. I died because I loved for one second to many and turned my back. That was the first time my tears created acid that dropped in my hands and burned away the calluses. I am so glad to be dead.

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