Self destructive… I’ve driven to the edge of hell and back many times. I seduced death but for some reason death past on the opportunity. What? Am I not good enough for you. Swollen and bruised fist and powder burns I’ve Fought the toughest warriors of my times of war for peace. I cant cope with others knowing that I’m a savage deep down inside. Do I even have a heart? Can I have compassion for human life for war is all I know best and love has never been kind to me. No felicity in me at all just locked doors and shackles cuffing my heart to a stone pillar of a destructive war path. My heart is burning in flames.


I just want to be… happy I just want to be… free Some one please tell me what’s wrong with me? I don’t feel love and I don’t feel hate I feel like I have no air in me that can escape. What can I say I’m damaged goods and all my life I’ve been misunderstood. I don’t understand why I’m anchored down by all of this pain. I show no mercy. I show more rage, I’ve been in this place that feels like a cage.
I can’t cry because my tears are absent. I can’t die because Death wont have me. I’m stuck in hell’s kitchen where I dwell while low tone bells sound off in my head alerting me to get back in my mental coffin so I can rest forever in on going misery. My life is dead already. Sad but true I’ve got the blues even though my favorite color is red, But what do I know I was born dead.