Loves slave 

Can I have some kisses…. Sweet like Dragon fruit dripping juices from your summers retreat….. I’m so high off your love…. I’ve injected your romantic while eye stare into my eyes….. I’m weak for you and I know you want round two….. With your knees trimbling when you hear my timberlands moving closer to your intergalactic space that I would like to travel light years to….. Invite me through you solar system and milky way and I will make your meteors show all over me….. Please! My only desire is to treat you with a queens respect……. I’ll lay you down in the gardens of Eden, planting my seed on furtal grounds and watch as you bare our beautiful fruits wile we properly nourish them ripe and intuned with life…… Together forever and one day….. Lets lock lips when winter comes our way……. Let your sweet and rich valley be the place for me to taste…… Dig your nails in my back when I pull closer and just embrace…… In your heart I will be caged like a bengal tiger that swallowed the only key to his escape…… I’m trapped in your thoughts and youre the chains that bound me to your love bug that I caught……. Hold me tight wrong or right…… And no this ain’t for one night. I am your loves slave, and you and only you posses the key to my release….. KEEP EM, BECAUSE IM GLAD TO BE YOUR SLAVE LOVE!


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