Stop And Think

Will you remember me when I leave? Understanding is something you couldn’t achieve. See me… I bleed for this thing called pride. So will you open your eyes. A kite can’t fly with out wind current. We all cant breath without plants and trees. So just like I need you, you need me. Just like the earth has to turn three hundred sixty degrees. We can chamber a gun with one bullet of compassion and assassinate the racism and hate. I’ll keep my doors open for any skin color or race, and you can walk through at any time and any place. You gotta take them shoes off before you come in this joint. Don’t disrespect my clean carpet. If you have clothes that need to be washed I’ll wash ’em. If your hungry I’ll make pizza and the dough I’ll toss it. If you are cold… turn up the heat ,but don’t go past seventy five degrees because my bills ain’t cheap. Life is strange but one thing will always be the same. We aren’t so different if you use your brain. THINK!


16 thoughts on “Stop And Think

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