Limbo (Remastered)

Times are hard and the only thing that keeps me going is warm blood and cold steel. My life is complicated and my days are darker than a solar eclipse slowly covering the moon of my life until darkness. I drink to get sleep, I drink to forget and the drugs now just ware off quick. Time is suspended, Lord forgive me for I have sinned to survive but I will never have any regrets. Slow me down with physical pain and my tears will stain the concrete like blood in a dim lit hallway. Blood stain on the sofa cushions, blood stains almost everywhere that there was a short story of a battle. I will never forget those days of war for peace and a peace of mind through my eyes. Violence soaked in gasoline. I find the defendant guilty of being misguided, savage and blind. I received the chair! Love me or kill me I have wounds that will never heal and the world to me is one giant grave yard burying me six feet deep day by day. SAVE ME because I’m only what America made me yet I still live by faith holding my crucifix tightly in my hand with a stone grip and money still grows from hell’s tree leaves. Hands that have roads in their palms hard like prison doors and autographed by power burns from last night. Sincerely time will tell. This city is soulless and the reruns won’t end, the days are interminable as I watch a show of purgatory up to its highest volume. Kill or be killed, another black male enslaved by his own funeral service while people act like they care and crocodile tears fall in the grass. Ashes to ashes dust to dust how many of us will go next? Forget justice….. Justice is just us. Genocide from people in blue uniforms, am I dying or am I dead? I can’t tell anymore, I can’t dwell anymore in my pain and suffering. Just kill me already! She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not then she pulled the trigger aimed at my own heart and shot me down. Forget it all, Laugh out loud in their eyes we are a joke and example will be made in this soulless parade. SPEECHLESS!!!


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