A Complicated Spirit

Surrounded by walls of agony. Trapped in a cell that I can’t escape from. Starving is what has broken my moral compass. Hand washing my blood soaked tee shirt in toilet water. The only thing That I own in this world is my bible and black rosary. You couldn’t walk a centimeter In my shower shoes. State issued… My blood type is concrete. My state of mind is a phoenix burning the halo above my consciousness. No progress has been made. Not a role model or an influential iconic mortal human being. Enslaved by psychosis and paranoia looking around the corner where know life ever grows. Stabbing wholes in the bed sheets makes my life complete. I’ll stay celibate and pure Away from gutter lily’s. Lord I’m on my way so shine your eternal light where I stay. Baptize me in gun oil an throw your lit match to eviscerate all of my violent sins. A former gangster repenting on his burgundy knees clutching his heavenly prayer beads, and I will parish on my feet as the last of a dying breed.


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