Stop The Cycle And Live Forever

Look at me now… I’ve risen past all the gang signs and gun smoke as an original in my neighborhood. Hanging out of the passenger seat window of my comrades Cadillac stacking deadly hand symbols with my fingers twisting letting the other side know my tribes existence and where I’m from. I Understand that my brotherhood is misunderstood by the media and people in suburbs but all we really want is peace. Prison door slam hard locking me in was my realty. Working out in the weight pit every five days to stay fit against my oppositions and enemy’s. When it was time for release from the belly of the beast I stepped through threshold and I seen my guy waiting for me. Peace in each other with a secret hand shake. We were all we had and that was our way of embracing it.                                                                                                                                                                                                One thing I can always say is the streets will always except a man like me. In any neighborhood and any city. The honorable G… The seventh alphabet and if I died today no one can ever take my place. I ain’t proud at all about this. Many of my closest friends and family’s lives were taken away from me. Look! There is nothing at all to glorify about this except that I’m still breathing. If there is a better route for you.. take it!  Please! Kids listen to me! You don’t ever want to be a gangsta. This shit ain’t no t.v. or the game G.T.A… So be whatever you want to be in life. Just don’t be a G…


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