Welcome To My Block

Welcome to my world where being artificial can get you toe tagged with the quickness. Twenty something guys on one corner outside in the rain trying to boost there profit margins. Honorable men coming home from the state pen trying to change. Misunderstood at job interviews so they turn to armed robbery for a meal and to pay bills. Vacant apartments and houses for miles decaying on the inside out. The city just leaves them there and doesn’t tare them down. Where young girls become solicit and teenage boys become killers. Active house raids… Flash bang grenades… New born baby’s catching strays… These memories never fade. Welcome to my world where gang violence can make civilians a target… Flags flying red,blue and black… You better take that shit off! Hearing gun fire from fully auto’s and semis every half hour. Hearing helicopters hovering over you every hour. Seeing bodies in the streets is a everyday problem. The Crazy part is the kids perceive all of this. Hell… I was 5 years old when I seen my first murder and it damn sure wasn’t my last. Being hungry waiting on your next meal waiting for your next meal can make you lose faith. So you will sell your soul just to smell a hot steak. Need I say more…


18 thoughts on “Welcome To My Block

  1. Excellent article Chris, great flow, excellent read. I do not like Donald Trump as a person at all, he has always acted like an arrogant ass who only cares about himself and no one else but, it does seem that he was correct on the issue of the inner cities in America when he said ‘what have you got to lose’ by voting for him. He was saying something honest regarding the Democratic Party. The Democrats since at least the 60’s have been about giving ‘welfare’ to the poor and the ‘people of color’, people need more than welfare, they need decent paying jobs so that they can have a better life than what welfare can offer people.

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    • Thank you for your acknowledgment I gladly appreciate it… It’s hell and I feel like sometimes I’ll never get out of here But I’m tired of lies, shitty politics, racism, being hungry some nights… I’m just tired… The only thing I own is my words and I’m going to just express how I feel in hope someone can here me. That’s all…


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