Privileged (Remastered)

I stayed awake while you slept soundly. I had to look for food while you ate proudly. Tell me does your stomach ache and do you feel safe in your own home?

Tell me because I really wanna know!

Its cold here in my apartment and sometimes we have to heat the stove, the water is filled with lead and sometimes the bath water might run cold. Tell me PLEASE I really want to know. I live where bullets ricochet everyday off brick walls and where there are more drugs, guns and alcohol on the corners than there are jobs.There is more concrete and broken glass than actual flowers and grass.

Your house is big and white with your nice white fence surrounding it.Your warm home and comforting family that are always there when you come through the door.

My abusive nature and constant arguing voices that despond me from any social and physical activity’s with others. Doors that slam shut often leaving me hopeless and unsafe but at the same time thorough tough as I attain a strength for loneliness and self-pity.

Tell me do you feel the same and is it true? TELL ME PLEASE because I want to know.

I know I sound pessimistic and sometimes I’m enraged but there is bloody tears in the kitchen and even when I’m outside I still feel imprison. Am I crazy? Do I need help? I want to know one thing from you, how would you feel if you ran in my shoes? How would you feel if you had my skin color with my bruises?

Please I’m dying to know why am I who I am and you’re who you are.

Years later I have grown up strong and proud now but you…Are different now. You don’t smile as much and you’re always unhappy. Your life is like the number 8, never-changing and always the same no matter how you shape.

Tell me if you grew up right why is everything in your life so wrong now?

JUSTICE please tell me because I got to know.


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