Shell Shocked

If you play with water guns sooner or later somebodies going to get wet. In my teenage days they never came with instructions on how to use them. The other youngster from the block and the older guys had more of them.Trained by the older soldier how to protect myself and others from thieves and other bad guys trying to take a risk. I seen my closest friends get wet shirts in crimson. We were all just kids then…We didn’t know the consequences of our actions and we didn’t fear the state pen. Hell we lived in and out of the system. Nobody really loved us so thuggin was a must. Hydrocodone dreams shattered by water gun slumbers. While the clean up crew washes and wipes away the mannequin corpses like washing and drying dishes in the sink. All of my positive thoughts came to an early dismissal. I’m a grown man now… Not really proud but where I’m from my neighborhood gave me a crown. I respectfully declined it because I’m not proud. If I ever have kids I will never ever let them play with water guns.


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