Distant Hearts

Love was never easy to keep for a guy like me. I was always In the hood ready for war out side with boots laced and ten toes down. Your lips whenever you would smile are all I wanted to see. Even If It was for one last time. If I could see you face to face right now. I would pull you so close to me, wrap my arms around your waist and pick you up in the sky then kiss your soft moist lips. Priceless were the times I spent with you. Oh how brief they were yet unforgettable. I knew you were the one for me, But I was also one with the streets. I can remember when I went on that iron vacation up north I was cold and I was lonely yearning for your affection. Your letters to me I would read over and over. That was enough for me and all I needed. Thank you for caring. Your last letter was the lowest day of my life. Dead I was Inside… At the same time I was understanding to your needs and wants that I couldn’t give to you because of my circumstances. I still remember your last words”I’m sorry.” I was alone once again. I didn’t cry though… I promise you. I just started reading more eating, gaining weight and exercising to get you out of my head. Time passed… I came home with nothing but a screaming hole in my heart. I never saw or herd from you again.


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