I’m Giving My Thanks and Appreciation

You know… I can’t keep posting anything at all with out giving my deepest gratitude to the ones who’ve supported me and kept pushing me to keep on and don’t give up and also gave me encouraging words of wisdom or just a random conversation. I love those! Friends I’ve made over the 7 months of being on wordpress. Priceless!
I just want to say that I’m not the giving speeches type of brotha. I’m a strong believer of actions speeking louder than words, but in this case my actions are moving my pen to write and to type away on my cell phone to show you all how much I care about you all who’ve supported me from the beginning and currently as I speak. Even if you just supported by following my blog.
I’m ever so grateful for you all. Thank you for excepting me as apart of your WordPress family. I’m like the quiet but tough uncle that only comes around to protect, of my wordpress family. Im just going to say this and then I’m going to shut the hell up.
I was going through a bad time in my life. I still am but just not as bad. It is what it is though, but writing has been my therapy and the love of my life lately. Being the type of man that I am and how I was raised and the things I seen is a reflection of my post. I can’t only write about me and my experiences. Nothing fictional at all just the reality that I’m accustomed to. I don’t plan on changing it at all…
Soon I would like to write a couple books and maybe an autobiography. Woooh! My autobiography would be probably a best seller and a movie I’m trying to tell ya! Before I go into silence I want to give some shout outs to the ones I admire, respect and honor. The ones who keep me moving through a act of kindness that I ain’t even used to.
This is a special thanks and much much love to role call.
1.https://megaworthit.com aka miss Renkyoko’s space… Miss Ren is the very first person that followed my blog with both intelligent and extreme beauty she will light up Your day with Cool photos and her musings on various topics. Check here site out of you don’t already know!
2.https://meetmsmindful.wordpress.com Miss TrE aka the cornerd girl… Her poems, quotes and etc etc are powerful and has a hard hitting genuiness to it. Check her out if you don’t already know!
3. THE INFAMOUS QUEEN LADY TRUTH! How’s site will remain anonymous upon request. She is the 3rd person to follow my blog. My good friend is a machine gun with consistent way of writing and posting quikly. Everything this women writes you will feel it’s presence. Real talk!
4.https://privatethoughtsmadepublic.wordpress.com the 4th person to follow my blog. My cool and personal friend Angel! If your looking for amazing books to read this world famous author got that fire. No lie! Her poems are out of this world and will take you to a different dimension in your mind. Check her stuff out of you don’t already know!
5.https://simpledimplesite.wordpress.com A influential being of life this woman is. I call her my coach. She was there to listen When I needed someone and she told me to never give up and keep writing. She is so motivational and has some beautiful pics of her surroundings. As well as real poetry and great quotes. Check her out if you don’t already know!
6.https://emotionsoflife2016.wordpress.com A real personal fav… What can I say about this man that hasn’t already been said. (LEGENDARY) I have the utmost respect for this him and everything he writes is a masterpiece. He’ll ya! Real deal holyfield. Check him out!
7.https://everwonderedwhy.wordpress.com Shailja….. So sweet and so kind hearted and a good friend of mine I must say. She… Like me is new to this blogger world. This young lady’s quotes, poems and priceless breath taking paintings are a true reflection of how she feels. Check her out if you don’t already know!
8.https://mehumwrites.wordpress.com The Cool bipolar blogging aka Maham! Another Cool and sweet personal friend of mine((who needs to get her butt on wordpress and start writing some more words)) her poems can literally live in your mind for days! Check her out if you don’t already know!
9.https://stellarcosby.wordpress.com Although she may not be a persnal freind. I just got to give this women her props… No bullshit! I think I may have read all of her words on her page. Her words are a walking, breathing, heart beating dose of reality through her prospective. Check her out if you don’t already know!
10.https://tenacitytgoddess.com Let me say this…. My good friend Lisa is a stone cold…. Kick you in the chest… No holds barred while riding on a freaking roller coaster of keeping it real! Now… This beautiful young lady who’s probably going to beat me up for this but it is what it is. This woman is a exceptional friend of mine that I came across about maybe a month ago. I love how funny and to the point she is. To bad she’s taken… Hahaha! Check out her blog if you don’t already know!
11.https://diaryofasoulwriter.wordpress.com Hailie… Now I don’t normally shout out people who ain’t following my blog but for this lady I can make an exception. 100%! This woman is a rare gem found in a place where you will never find it. Her words alone say it loud enough with a soft tone. My sweet personal friend Hailie. Check her out if you don’t already know!
12.https://cristalclearblog.wordpress.com Cristal is a new friend of mine that I want to do more writing and expressing and telling her story. She’s over came a lot of life’s many obstacles and she is still succeeding. The gorgeous Cristal! Check her out if you don’t already know!
Now I just want to clear something up for everybody.. These people are the ones who’ve stayed in touch with me and are my persnol favs but everyone is equal and unique. No one is above anybody. Before I tap things up I want to do another roll call for the greatest of the greatest. More of my favs…
1. A.R.Minhas
3.living in secretblog
8.Meenakshi Sethi
11.devereaux frazier
13.my valiant soul
15.Minal Dalal Co-Creator
16.Talkaholic Me
17.thetimelock photos
18.soulsista4 Christ
19.Shawn’s View
20.Dainty M
21.Peaceful Journey
23.Gbolabo Adetunji
24.Ananya Sharma
25.Christy B
26.Mari Sanchez Cayuso
27.Phoebe Chi (PuppyDoc
28.Okoto Enigma
30.Dying Scientist
31.Anthony Taylor
32.A Star on the Forehead
33.Ricardo Sexton
35.Darshana Mehta
38.koko boocro
39.Shattered in Him
42.The Cookie Cutter Slayer
43.Betcha didn’t know!
44.jash palande
48.Joel F
52.Prakhar Bansal
53.Advo. R.R. ‘SAGAR’
55.Jay Colby
Now again… These are not categorized as the best to the worst. These are a list of people that like and may coment on my blog…


36 thoughts on “I’m Giving My Thanks and Appreciation

  1. Hi Chris! You are most welcome. I really enjoy reading your posts and you are wonderful at it. We bloggers communicate more emotionally and share our thoughts with each other. I believe words have so much power to connect people. When you are able to write something and inspire other souls, it means that you are blessed and gifted for that. So please continue and never stop. All the best !!

    Stay Happy and Healthy πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is awesome! Happy 7 months! That’s a great feat! Stick around and keep expressing yourself and building. Your writing will continue to speak for you. Thank you very much. And, you’re most welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

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