Loose Screws

Discarded… brave hearted… A combination of Wellbutrin and dilaudid. If I was ever your target you missed. I’m heavily bothered… disconnected from life like your phone charger. Pardon me, but fuck it… why call her… like a poor man turned robber. Screaming and crying inside like your new born daughter. A lingering life of violence that wont move with out a starter. A hovering presence of death that stays behind me like a stalker. One thing that I hate in life is a loud talker. Go head and get your gun boy so I can finish what you started. You just broke and didn’t ask for help now you starving. I rose  from the bottom of the trash can in the streets like a bag of garbage. Don’t get aggravated with me lady. I promise I wont harm him, but if he ever swerves out of his lane again I’ll correct him like a problem. Eventually if you keep throwing rocks at a humble giant for to long you will be dearly departed. War is for the wolves not sheep.Youre a grown ass man…. When you go get dutch’s and cigarettes from the corner store you still get carded. You still wet behind the ears and me… I’m just discarded.


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