I Just Crashed

I never cheated, I never lied… If you so called loved me then you should have knew what was inside. Some nights I didn’t come home but you knew what I was doing. That mission… You know… That would give us a better pot to piss in. A better life of living. I rolled the only dice that were given. I was never complicated. I just hated seeing you frustrated. Looking in the cabinets and there are no plates. Renting apartments with no basement. Living in places you don’t feel safe in. So I’m out all night chasing. I never wanted to leave you but your thoughts got so evil. You would change and treat me like other people.You had forgotten that I was more than your equal. I never want to see you… Ever! After all I’ve done for us nothing ever got better. I was damaged and etc. So now I’m waiting for a better love. I never was ever good enough for you. You were a cancer slowly eating away at my sanity. I’ve gotten bruises all over my pride from you walking all over me. How could you ever say that you loved me when you put everything above me. You were my whole world turned ugly. I loved you so much that I would have given you my soul if you wanted it. You were my biggest lesson as well as a colossal punishment. LOVE! whatever it is I swear I’m done with it.


6 thoughts on “I Just Crashed

  1. I swear relating to this is a bit ha ha for me cuz I thought I was over such emotions, then I read this and I’m like nope, still there.

    Don’t give up on love though, it can wow in so many other forms.

    Barely there…

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    • Well thanks for the support first and foremost… I have up on love along time ago… See… Were I’m from there is know love here. Plus I’m not a fool and love never did anything but stab me…. Mentally an physically… Miss… If I ever do find love it will probably be in another country… But till then fuck love.

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