Where Art Thou Love (Remastered)

Looking for forever… I need forever… I want forever… Forever has to be waiting for me. Lord send me her please. My own forever… I will notice her at first sight. By her eyes… I love her eyes. Eyes bright like fluorescent lights, eyes warm letting me know that the cohesion of our souls will later form an alliance that will be born. My forever! Three words… Intelligent, strong and beautiful I wont discriminate at all. She being the queen and Im the king in our own minds. She will always have my back an be there for me even through hard times. My forever! There is know temporary with us. I am committed to her insane asylum of never ending love My forever! With those angel hips an the softest lips that I want to kiss till death do us part. Truth, loyalty and your poised walk. These are the main reasons why this sweet thief has stolen and sealed away my heart. My forever! When your sick… I’ll care for you. When your cold I’ll be your blanket warm like chicken soup. When your scared I’ll be right beside you telling you your going to be okay. I’ll always protect you from present harm an danger paving a ruthless way. My forever! I will be your ears when you need a friend not to judge you and listen to your every words.If you are far from me I will ask the lord for strength and endurance of a thousand trojans, I will grow golden wings and fly to you like a tracking bird. My forever! My princess! My queen! My grand duchess of new beginnings! The universe is ours, the earth is ours. I will burn my hands reaching in the sky and pull you down the stars. I will give you the solar system in a bokeh arrangement crafted by my own will. I will give them to you for valentines day an you’ll say “No ones ever given me this gift!” My lady forever! You are my gift! I’ll dig a trench and lay in your love! I’ll build a home by hand an stay in your love! I’ll put my feet in your shoes and walk in your love! Ill fight you with kisses in public and make a scene for your love! When I die I want to be buried in your love! I want to be carried in your love! I want to be married in your love! Sail away in your love! Hell, ill even pay for your love! Stay away from all the hate and appreciate all your love! And when my time is over i want you to release me like a dove! MY FOREVER! MY FOREVER! You will always be the one I love. Forever and ever I will endeavor our love.


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