Don’t Be Mad… You Made Us This Way

I’m not influential…                                       I’m not a role model…                                    I don’t have positive quotes…

Please listen to these notes…                       Understand that I want to be all of the above. You see its hard telling someone who’s blind to see. It’s hard telling someone deaf to hear. It’s hard telling someone who’s hungry not to eat. It’s hard telling someone who’s broke not to steal. It’s hard to tell someone who’s waiting for a job not to sell hard. It’s hard to tell a rich country to help it’s people. It’s hard telling cops not to shoot black people. It’s hard to tell wealthy family’s to give money to the less fortunate.

I’m not influential…                                        I’m not a role model…                                    I don’t have positive quotes…

So please listen to these notes….  I rather fucking live like a renegade then live my life under paid. Over slaved while bills pile up. In this world shit cost and it seems like all I ever do now or days is take loses.

So what am I suppose to do? Can you tell me that? Can you tell me personally that everything is going to be alright for me and my people? We are the struggling and forgotten. Tell me how the fuck I’m suppose to feel when my brothers are trying to survive while being frustrated? My sistas got it even worst! Tell me how I should feel when the crime rate is quickly rising to the top? Do you even know why crime is rising? Well if you don’t know the answer then that’s why I ain’t fucking positive!

That’s why I ain’t no role model!

That’s why I’m not influential?

So please save you thoughts and words if you don’t live like me, him and her…

You can’t tell us nothing!


28 thoughts on “Don’t Be Mad… You Made Us This Way

    • Oh trust me sweet heart…. I’m use to the chaos. My problem is trying to find positive peace with in my self… And for people to understand that if some one is in a fucked up mood. Instead of talk about the problem try to acknowledge it and solve the problem. I’m the type of man that solves problems with out words. If I have a friend that’s down or going through something… I don’t care if they live in Moscow Russa! I’m on the way to show my love. It’s not that hard to give a Damn… Sorry for saying so much.

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  1. Christopher, you are a voice for our time. I admire your feelings and expressions more than I can say. It’s important that you stay focused and true. I know you will. You can visit me at I come from a different world than you; but suffering knows no boundaries. It’s spread widely these days.

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    • After those comments I can die now. Everything’s completed…lol! Thanks for the acknowledgment I really appreciate it And I’m deffenately going to stay focused when I have people like you saying things like that. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for signing on to my blog, Christopher. I am definitely an admirer of your passionate commentary. I may be taking that blog down. It’s expensive! All the same stuff is free at the other one. I have about a month to decide.

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