I’m Starving And I Want Some Of You

Let’s form a bond through friendship. I need some sweet Hershey kisses. This morning I made your legs shake uncontrollably giving you my hard punishment thought wet pleasure for being a bad girl. I hid your car keys so you could stay with me. You left all of your shower water on my burgandy bed sheets. Can you be my personal entertainer and dance for me and only me?

My love can be all of yours for the price of loyalty. I want to play hide and seek in you deep. Your worth is what’s turning me on like a switch lighting up the dark emptiness in me. At night you would put your arms around me and look me in my eyes until we fell asleep. The first one to nurture my stone heart into a warm red diamond ready to love that can’t be broken. You fed me all your love and affection when my faith in love was starving.

I live for us and I’ll die for you…


78 thoughts on “I’m Starving And I Want Some Of You

  1. reading this is like eating cold vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate, can’t decide which I like better the coolness or the heat. such depth and resonance with a soul that searches for authenticity and won’t settle for less.

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