The Tomb of A Absent Soul

Slowly falling down the well of deception. Know one can help me so I spiral out of control for control over myself. Get a grip and live! It’s so dark here. So why would I want to? There is nothing for me at the bottom of this well, but my extinction will open up the portal to a peaceful slumber for my souls salvation. You can’t save me so stop trying. Tidal waves rise high covering the sun drowning my dreams for a better life. My coffins interior design is karma. I cooked up too much pain stew and surved many out of plastic bowls. Now it’s my turn to suffer. The bottom of the well will be a tomb incasing my wretchedness forever. Don’t try to salvage what’s been tattooed on the middle page in the closed book of my life. Never to be opened and never acknowledged. A silent death will be my escape from the one true hell I’m familiar with. Don’t save me…


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