A Plea For My Freedom

I slowly carved my initials into the flesh of a monster. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Respect was taken and I climbed to the top of the food chain.

I can still hear those alarms going off in my head. Guards stampeding in, loud boots and walkie talkie and riot gear telling us screeming get the fuck on the ground now.

I never back down from no one or anything and that’s my weakness. I always sat down quick from case after case.

I was facing 40years at 21years old. True story… A new trial was set. I made a bet with the almighty to cut me some slack and I’ll never go back to the box. Two hours later the case was dismissed on a technicality. Lack of evidence… Time surved 38 years suspended and apon realese I was to do 1 year of porole.

At that very moment I became a strong believer and I still am to this day…

Thank you and all praises go to you!


11 thoughts on “A Plea For My Freedom

  1. Is this a personal experience? Kudos to you fro rising above all the challenges and charting a new course. It’s a strong person to admit failure and defeat and then find the strength to start all over. Nicely written with startling and vivid imagery!

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  2. I am more amazed by you at every post. Thanks for sharing and my hope is that it helps someone else. YOU…………….learned what you needed to learn and I’m happy that you know that it was GOD who spared you for HIS own purpose. Continue to use your voice to uplift others!!!


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