I Want To Know How To Feel

Every grain of sand lost is slowly costing me my sanity. I’m so defensive and paranoid. I’ve been a protecter my whole life defending my family and my respect. Just listen to me and let me speak! All I know is pain. All I know is violence. All I know is being poe. I All I know is vices. All I know is war. All I know is flash backs on visions of murder. All I know is drugs and savage living. All I know is short but long prison sentences. All I know is how to fight. All I know is cash on sight. All I know is gangsta shit. All I know is gold digging scandalous women. So tell me where love fits in these sentences.


59 thoughts on “I Want To Know How To Feel

  1. Am as confused as u are or maybe even more… But u know love doesn’t need to fit because love is infinity, love is universe, love is something hidden which is the very thing inside u, that’s y u wanna be alive… U wanna be alive right?.. Yes but everything you are addicted to is a form of love it’s where u find love or maybe discover love because it’s everywhere and yes things fit in love…… Give yourself a chance and do discover it… You don’t need another human for that i believe in nothing but self love is the most purest form of love, maybe the only way to love god who is inside us…. Love?=So undefined and unexplained…. Hope u get ur love’s definition… And yes very well writtenπŸ‘

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  2. I answered your comment on my blog. Since it is a private blog you won’t get my replies in your notifications. So if you comment you have to check back on it to see if I replied to you

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