32. Caliber

I was like a big brother or even a cousin to you. I’m sad and angry with rage because you didn’t do what I told you to.

The nickel plated super soaker probably touched many palms. You use to be a guy that was cool and calm.

That day that I leaned on you for making bad decisions. I was the only one that cared and I didn’t want to see you in prison.

You turned into a coal mine that winter. Dark and really cold. Lead paint poison was in you system and made you go around the streets settling beef by life’s divorce.

Mad you were… I know… I raised my voice lecturing you and I told you to go. Do you want to know what hurt the most? That I was not there with you poping out with toast.

These word are dedicated to my little cousin Paris aka lor sin. May your soul rest in peace my homie…

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