Don’t Miss This 2 For 1 Sale Of A Bipolar Male

Make your move!

Shorty this ain’t checkers or chess come here and tell me how you really feel. I don’t play games… So stop acting like a Xbox one before I use your controller. Pull over for a second and stop texting. Let me bless your ears with this round the way love lecture….

Do you want me or not? Life’s to short to miss this great oppertunity with me. Ohhh you laughing but I don’t see nothing funny honey. See I’m a rare breed with needs that need to be filled like a prescription with the discription of a long term engagement and I’m giving you the opportunity to take it, but be patient…

Good men can come to those who wait for it. When you get it be grateful. Cherish every moment like a deep cut healing with staples. If you let go of it then it will run away from you. Do you want a man like me baby or so you want to keep building sand castles that fell apart so easily…

Don’t get deceived again by these other men you know I’m better than so give me credit when talking to a love veteran. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being cocky. I’m just trying to feed you this love and passion. I know you like the finer things and I always seem to catch your hazel colored eyes starring my way…..


This piece here is dedicated to my fist love Tanya from Edmondson avenue… Rest in peace my love……

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