Just Let Me Sleep In Peace

Let me overdose…

There is no better

Feeling to me than

Being closer to death.

I tried reaching for the

Sky and my hands

Shattered in to a

Million syringes filled

With the best option.

Toxic… I know but I love

The feeling. No one

Can hold me better than

You blanketing my pain

With your warm plush sweat

Itchy chain smoking love.

When the people that I

Trusted the most left me

For dead and I know you

Can make me ill

Sometimes I still chase

The first rush you’ve given

Me. Sometimes I need

You so bad. You are

Quickly becoming bad for

My heath and wellbeing.

So if you see my eyes rolling

And my body cold with

A blue color on my lips.

Just leave me for the coroners

And that icy slab of steal.

Draining my body’s liquids

Then donating my internal

Organs. Then now I can

Finally get some eternal sleep

Finally realizing life’s inhumane

Shackles from the oppressed

Background that I was very

Used to. Now I can truly

Have peace. Just Let me


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