My Poisonous Addiction To A Deadend Love

You hurt me badly and I will never love again. You’ve showed me the definition of how low one human being can be. You’re the reason why I’ll never trust another. A steal beam was shoved through my chest and a rifles bullets pierced my heart. I truly wish I could have started over to when we were just friends. I would have just kept the relationship like that. You murdered your own loyalty with me. I died inside the stomach where the butterflies use to be. I mummified myself in my covers every day. Depression was a the only gift you’ve ever given me. Shot the truth through the back of the head then you suicided after befriending the lies. I swear I wish I never met you… I wish I’d had never seen you at that corner store. I have learned a valuable lesson. Never ever mess with a round the way girl. The poisonous snake that slithered up to me then tightly coyals around me every night. I was bitten and injected with her venom but I was lucky to be immune. However… The only real toxic thing you really owned were all the lies that you told. A black widow so little weaving her web of bad intentions. I was stuck and I couldn’t get out. I had to brake free and run literally and never look back in to the eyes of the she devil.

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