My Poisonous Addiction To A Deadend Love

You hurt me badly and I will never love again. You’ve showed me the definition of how low one human being can be. You’re the reason why I’ll never trust another. A steal beam was shoved through my chest and a rifles bullets pierced my heart. I truly wish I could have started over to when we were just friends. I would have just kept the relationship like that. You murdered your own loyalty with me. I died inside the stomach where the butterflies use to be. I mummified myself in my covers every day. Depression was a the only gift you’ve ever given me. Shot the truth through the back of the head then you suicided after befriending the lies. I swear I wish I never met you… I wish I’d had never seen you at that corner store. I have learned a valuable lesson. Never ever mess with a round the way girl. The poisonous snake that slithered up to me then tightly coyals around me every night. I was bitten and injected with her venom but I was lucky to be immune. However… The only real toxic thing you really owned were all the lies that you told. A black widow so little weaving her web of bad intentions. I was stuck and I couldn’t get out. I had to brake free and run literally and never look back in to the eyes of the she devil.


90 thoughts on “My Poisonous Addiction To A Deadend Love

  1. “Never love…
    Never trust…
    Break free…
    Run and never look back.” Strong emotions right there!
    Never say never again. When some falls, best to get back up. When fear confronts, best to look at it straight in the eye. Watch it go away. Do all the nevers: love, trust, look back down on what you don’t like and turn around. Look to the future that you write, with new words. Feel the new words bring out the the change you want to be, create.

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  2. Whoa! This got to me big time! I love this, before you accept you love a woman observe her keenly, most women are pretty outside, but on the inside they uglier than croc. man in suicide squad. You’ll surely meet a woman that her heart beat rhymes with yours, just don’t stress yourself in looking for one.

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  3. Woah Woah Woah!!!
    This raw punch of pain draped in misery is so beautifully worded Chris!

    “I died inside the stomach where the butterflies use to be.” Damn your use of language is mesmerising!

    “Depression was a the only gift you’ve ever given me.” Phrase after phrase you never cease to amaze me with your writings!

    The imagery of a poisonous snake and the silent killer venom being injected is all so perfectly stated.

    I’m glad you’re no longer her prey helplessly dangling from her poisonous web!

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  4. Wow, I got goosebumps! Your writing is so beautiful, you portray something heartbreaking and painful as almost poetic with your words… I don’t even know what part of that whole piece of writing is my favourite, all the sentences were perfect. I can’t wait to read your future posts

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  5. I’ve been there my friend. I’m so sorry someone let you down and broke your trust.

    Just remember, not all humans are inhuman.
    There are So many beautiful souls are out there that are worthy of your trust and your love.

    Be well and thank you for sharing your beautiful, thoughtful, heartfelt words.


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