Crown Me or Drown Me

I gave it all away! All of it! Money, drugs, drinking, target practice and war tactics yet I still have the worst of the worst dreams. I’ve completly done the 360 like you’ve asked me to do. why do I feel like I’m on life support? A half dead vegetable. I still remain with the remains of old war trophies with no real gains. My body will never be the same from all the wounds and the severed nerve pains.

What was this change all for? I feel like I’m on acid trying to open my door. Struggling…. Only to realize the whole time I was on the floor. I’ve done it all exept reach this thing called happiness. Instead there was just more anxiety, disappointments and criticism of how I was used to living. Ive changed just to drown in the waters of the deep. Only to see there was no crown waiting for me. They say… Still I have to believe…

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