I Got Down On My Knees To Kiss Your Feet I Just Hope I’m Worthy Of You

Gummy bears from the corner store sweet with lots of sugar to give like you. I would never trade you. Im falling deep into your colorful nature. I don’t even know if you understand that you  crochet my non beating muscle back together with no hands or needles. I never ask for much. I’ve never been that type of man. All you seem to do in my life is meet all of my demands. The simplest like kissing me on my lips before and after you get off of work. I slowly return fire and let soft kisses burn into your minds wishes. Never shady and that’s my baby… You’ve got me sprung like the pop of your tongue before you speak. I love how it rolls like a snowball affect. Even if you make threats they’ll be sexy to me I bet. You motivate me like a real women is suppose to do. The passion and steam in our lives will never need to be renewed. I feel like I’m on an island with every rich necessity I need to over survive the highest tides.  Just you and me…. That’s who… Me and you… One hand on a stack of bibles I do… You know what I mean….. You know I can’t breath…                            You know….. How about me and you stay on the same team. This is not a dream I want you over me until we no longer breath. Turning me from the man I once was to the man I need to be. Concurring the highest cloud that is me planting a bright red flag for all to see.                                                             For all to see… All for me and you to be.

The definition of what we are missing…

From life…


Tought us lessons…

Know love out there…

Now love lives in us…

In us…


14 thoughts on “I Got Down On My Knees To Kiss Your Feet I Just Hope I’m Worthy Of You

  1. you would not trade those gummy bear sweeties? Even if I said I had Reese cups?! Beautiful Christopher, just beautiful, just like your soul – I think you have found love – in yourself – and learning about yourself as you write this magical tale – like droplets of mercury on a nitrogen surface. Love how you turn the simplest act into one of great gesture with your words that leave more to the imagination than what’s on the paper.

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