Just Doing What Needs To Be Done

The mind is not a plate for you to waste or misplace so don’t make no mistakes. Packing vans up when you ride out. Watching out for time out. Windows tinted with a screw driver in the ignition. Their on a mission. I guess you can call them the teachers of order that will be given. Place your bets and see who’s going to turn first. Spinning like a dradle, dradle, dradle…

Nah! They don’t play yo… This ain’t basic tv this is cable. He moved to soon and got a hole in his stomach like a navel. Quick thinking because they don’t retreat. All the options are violent dimming street lights on the beat.

Your spinal cord got ignored by the doctor because you didn’t have any insurance. Paralizing you… sterilizing you… Killing offspring like the summer time blossoming a deadly alliance between two vicious giants.

They had to hide all of there kitchen wear so they wouldn’t get cooked. In the back of the back listening to “Mobb Deeps ain’t know such thing as half way crooks”. Scared to death with bullet proof vests on there chests like a iron shirt. Blocking the speed of sound as the shells hit the ground.

War junkies… They mixed up gun powder and white rubbing it in there gums to live all night to fight for a peaceful cause till unequal walls barricaded the streets blocking off all that is deep and the sounds of boots marching in like troops then a great escape ensues. Over the rivers and through the woods popping out of the sewers with dark hoods. Turning all that bread into baked goods so their family’s wouldn’t be hungry anymore.


27 thoughts on “Just Doing What Needs To Be Done

    • Oh snap! They had a book for that… I seen the movie but now I definitely haft to read the book. Ya though it’s diffenetly a certain type of bloody war going on where I’m from so and it’s never going to end… It’s only going to get worse. Thanx for your comments… All of them!

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      • It’s written by one of my favorite authors, James McBride. I hope it won’t get worse. I’ve lived in some dangerous countries during civil unrest, gang warfare, and full out crazy administrations. After only 10 years working in international law, I threw in the towel and retreated back to the U. S. Perfect timing…right πŸ˜‰ History always repeats itself.

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      • I moved to the Pacific Northwest where people pretend to have problems. I lived in El Salvador for 6 years, the murder capitol of the world. At one point there was 43 murders a day that were recognized. I hear you. It’s bad and nobody is talking about reality.

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      • And everyone I grew up with are living the good life, talking about remolding issues with their home, paying bills like it’s no problem. I guess its why people like us write. Its all we got sometimes.

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      • Absulutely… I can’t talk about other countries all I know is what’s going on in my frount yard you know… And it ain’t sweet… This shot don’t even make the news most times because the mayor and those other political scam artist want to make my city look like a great place to come because of the inner harbor. They don’t show uptown though and all the vaccent houses and murders everyday that get over looked… They taken all the youth centers away and shutting a bunch of schools down and building more youth correctional facility’s and there trying to take away social security… That’s going to start chaos… And I got to be in the middle of all this and live. Im tired I’ve been literally fighting my whole life. Court cases prison senteces and more… Sorry for saying so much…

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      • No. It’s nice to hear from someone that’s real for a change. I’ve been fired twice since I’ve been back to the U.S. after working for state government jobs and raising these concerns. I agree, local politicians are lighting a fire bigger than they can imagine. I pray to God you get the chance to speak your voice. Email me any time – Ellie

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      • Well thank you for your part in helping… I really appreciate that… I’m just praying a Damn civil war doesn’t start because no one is hearing us no matter how much we speak and talk and peaceful protest and even sorry but even riot. We ain’t rioting to damage… Were rioting to be seen and herd because nothing else works for us. Where tired…. But that’s a whole mother of another story Ellie! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to a stranger and I will most definitely stay in touch by email or whatever…. And yes I am the realist and most honest person you will ever meet in your existence on this planet… I’ve been told by many ever sence a child. So stay in touch with me to… Maybe we can trade story’s some day…

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      • I’d like that Chris. Always stay in touch. Everyone needs that hand on their shoulder to make sure that they are keeping it real. I haven’t met many honest people in my life. Glad you are one of them. -Ellie

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