I Hope You Know This

Just a feeling… I’m walking on warm beach sand with you to the kitchen. Last night I ran demolition of your easy mentions. I still got the finger nail scars on my back to prove it. I’ve never seen someone smile as hard as you when you looked over at me this morning and you asked me was I hungry.

I didn’t reply yet because you were smiling so damn hard that the sunshine from the window reflected off of your teeth temperary blinding me. It was bright like a projector showing A old black and white movie starring you and me. Then I snapped out of it when I heard you say “are you listening to me silly?”… I said back to her that morning… Whatever you just said to me just know in your heart that I’m staying.

She said…. Baby stop playing. I said… I ain’t playing. She said…. I love you. I said… I hope it’s forever. She said…. Forever… No need for hope just make sure that you always tie me up with your arms like strong rope when I need them the most.

I said… Forever!

She said…. Forever!


56 thoughts on “I Hope You Know This

  1. she’s a lucky lady then and I hope she knows this -that you can charm her with words – and take her by surprise – black and white movies but not musicals I suppose, ok that sounds nice too! Those scars on your back from the fingernail marks was all her secrets she traced on you for you to keep safe. Beautifully written Christopher!

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    • I have no charm… No lady… And no turkey gravey for these Popeyes biscuits I just ordered with this chicken.

      Just like peoples words have no effect on me my words have no effect on the opposite.. You got to earn it where I’m from… Real talk!

      One day lady im going to find you and let you know sence day one you’ve been a great infleuce and kind person to me… I didn’t even think people like you existed… I was wrong! I’ll see you soon to let you know and thank you.

      Too bad all the nice people are on the other side of the fu… The world…😀😀😀

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      • Don’t take your words too lightly – the do affect people – like me for example – but it’s ok I understand you Chris. Going to work now, see you soon – on the other side of the…..equator

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      • Ya I’ll meet you there… As soon as America let’s people with felonys get pass ports and does not keep us boxed in so we can’t make a new start somewhere better so we don’t go back to prison for trying to eat and feed our famlies. Ohh! America the land of the ra… I mean great!

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