A Real Mans Words To Live And Die By

My words mean everything, so I keep them.

I promise!

I promise to be there for you no matter what the situation. I promise to never hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally.

I promise!

What’s mine is ours. I’ll share these rare diamonds with you. The fabric of my being is 100% trust in you, honoring you and respecting you. With love so thick that you can wear it like a bullet proof vest. Level 3…

I promise!

To be there when your sick and stop everything to take care of you and your needs if you want me to. I won’t smother you. Never abandon you… Even if we lose everything I will love you all the way down to the homeless shelter.

I promise!

To make you heart sing a symphony everytime someone mentions me. A smooth time like “by by black bird”… My favorite song by “Billie Holiday”. A love that last forever and all night long.

I promise!

To be there for you and your kids… If you have any. I will love you all and provide strong bonds formed for us all to stick together as a family. Fairly and equally…

I promise!

I promise to be the only one you think of crowding your memories overloading your on going televisions sitcoms of us touching, caring and loving while staring into your eyes. It will be as beautiful as the love we make while we dwell on the same page of our own romance novel.

I promise you!

If you ever literally need my heart to live. I’ll take out my poket knife and cut open my chest digging in and handing you my still beating heart until I drop.

I promise baby…

I promise…


72 thoughts on “A Real Mans Words To Live And Die By

  1. “love you all the way down to the homeless shelter” – never read a promise sweeter than this – you are a poet Mr Bland! Every word settles in the empty spaces I have. Don’t stop being so accurate with the lines, they cut and heal even the most hardened heart.

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  2. I guess I missed this post in the reader somehow. Valentine’s Day is overrated and I’m so glad not growing up with Hallmarks’ calendar creations. Being by yourself takes courage and a character strength and so I believe it’s great! Lonely and alone words don’t make sense to me at all. Please know that one day you will look back and appreciate this undesirable phase of reflection. A share to hopefully encourage you: my phase lasted about 15 years! Feel it, completely. You are in good company at WordPress though… Have faith and you will come out stronger through it all.

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