Are You Interested In Starting A New Fire With Me

Tell me… Is it wrong to want a women so bad? Is it a crime to spoil her with all the things she loves? Is it a problem to beg on my knees until they bleed for her tinder worth? Is it stupid to be in love with someone who you’ve never met in person? Would it be a bother to ask her can I call her?

Or should I just say fuck it… Why bother? Why chase after someone doesn’t even want you? Why be a fool for you? Why? Just to get my dignity crushed under the wait. Why even keep talking to someone who doesn’t even get your point or feelings toward it? Why talk to this person only to find out there probably already involved with someone or just doesn’t want anyone? Why talk to this person that can’t even tell how much you want them so bad?


I don’t care about your skin color or religion. I don’t really care who you worship in their image. I don’t care about your wild and crazy past. I don’t care about the drugs you did or didn’t do in the past. I just want you!

I want your love to fly to me.

Be my guiding beam of a bed made up for us tomorrow morning.

I need every ounce of you cotton candy kisses of energy.

With your affections deep vibes sending shock trimmers arousing my interests.

I want to soul heartedly get to know all the things that make you happy.

I will hold you tight and bring you night when your having a bad day.

Everything will be ok…

When your tears drop…

Its ok to let them out.

I’ll grab every tear that fell and wipe my face with them to feel what it is that my love is going through.

True…. This is true…

I want to start something new with you.

I want to run you a warm bath and anoint you with a sweet sented body wash for a goddess.

I will do anything to please the true Queen of my hearts throne.

Will it be a bother if I asked you for a starting chance.

I won’t let you down…


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