There Was Party For Me But I Wasn’t Invited

The air outside is heavy.

I’m weighed down with guilt.

Your prejudice target.

I have to dress casual for court tomorrow.

I lost a bet to my ex and now I love alone.

Propriety damage on the housing of my brain.

There is no point in me living without uncontrolled substances.

A steroid to enjoy running after adrenalin.


The fumes of whats being cooked in the kitchen makes me horny.

There are way to many fatherless children.

I need this pen to win first place.

This morning I filled my tea cup up with emotions and dropped it.

Its broken now, how familiar.

A rebel that escaped the devil. I went though the wind shield crashing into my reality challenging the pain of blocking fresh cut fate tempting to taste all the spoils of war. My life I don’t adore when attempting suicide is such a bore defending my stand point is now my only chore. So I will love on only to indour…. More pain!


44 thoughts on “There Was Party For Me But I Wasn’t Invited

  1. tell me this is just a story from the pages of the past – now torn out to make way for new pages of wonder and glory of a life less lived but still on track – please tell me. the words I admire , the content I fear – please , please tell me this is ancient history.

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  2. You never cease to amaze me. I can count on you to always go there in your pieces. I really like how you transported us through all your different thought processes and what it seemed to be your real-realities.

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  3. Thanks for clarifying which one is an old writing. That’s me: I do believe bloggers write new posts, thus the thoughts and responses.
    So does that mean that all is as you wish it to be now, and you are on your way😉To publishing memoirs now? I’m confoozled, Man!

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