Why All The Negitivity Chris?

There no puppys and kittens and sunny days in the view of the lineing of my scopes target.

Friends become enemies… Enemies become disloyal… Disloyalty becomes death…

Nah not that pretty TV show death of a cherished character. The ugly kind of death.

The victim or whatever doesn’t come back to the set for a take two. Such a headache…

I’m not at all traumatized I’m more or less modernized because this TV show is often familiar to my peripherals.

Giving my true visions of life a bad rerun. For me to run…. Nah! Never! I’ll die where I stand.

I’ll live like a renegade than to live under paid. Yelled at by a boss that doesn’t even know your name or where your from or what it took for you to get there.

Two middle fingers painted gold raised up like Cee Low Green telling you that I could give a solid gold fuck about what or how you think of me.

Or what you suggest I do or how I should be… When a close friend of yours gets murdered beside you in your passenger seat by loud gun fire and you watch as he takes his last breath.

Give me a call!

Maybe then you will understand why my heart is so fucking far!

This piece is dedicated to Mannie Moons, lor ham, lor monkey, John john, black E, lor Aaron, grace, Man, Pusha, big toot, lor B, Noodles, Nolan No go, lor lee, lor X, Slink, Dot, Dirty A, midway pookie, lor Jerry, lor Ryan,  Kave man,  Jabbie, Red Dogg, hershey, lor Cey Cey, Darrell, lor dell, Wayne, Murda, B.L. , Emanuel, fish……. R.I.P to you all I’ll see you when I get there and if I didn’t mention your name in sorry it’s just to Damn many lives lost.


8 thoughts on “Why All The Negitivity Chris?

    • I don’t mind what people say… I just don’t like (and I’m not specifically talking about people here I saying just people period) when they try to tell me to do this or meditation or omg why is he so negative and violent. Every thing don’t work for everybody and everybody ain’t the same for example….. If let’s say some ones parents… Mom or dad or whatever… Lets say they were killed or died in some sort of accident or something…. And me…. a stranger or close friend tells you what they think you should do or how this whatever will make you feel…. Instead of just being there for them and showing you care by actions or just a kind word or too…. You see…. You can’t change how the grieving person feals or is experiencing unless you had to pull a trigger or seen to many violent things sence a child to a man it women…. Imagine me telling a rape victim to do this or try that… Instead of just being there for them and showing them how much they mean to you……. I can honestly say that I’m not a people person at all…. People are phony, jelous, holy’er that thou.. Fake… Because if you really care like you say you do… Show love…. Don’t try to change that person cuz you can’t! It only makes a relationship worst…. If your near or far and you so called care… Or maybe even have some sort of love for them and there personality….. SHOW THEM LOVE AND KINDNESS AND DONT GO SUGGEST ING WHAT THEY SHOULD DO OR HOW THEY NEED TO LET GO BECAUSE REAL PAIN…. TRUE PAIN IS INTERNAL NOT EXTERNAL… JUST BE THERE FOR THEM… BE THERE!
      Sorry for saying so much…

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      • It’s no problem! I agree…with everything you’ve said here. A lot of times we think it’s our job to “fix” people’s problems, personalities or identities, when really that’s not loving at all. I understand exactly what you’re saying because I’ve been on both ends. And I know you’re not talking about WP people because, what I’ve found is that bloggers tend to be more compassionate that some friends and family you see every day.

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      • To tell you the truth and I’m going to be verry honest… WordPress has saved me and a lot of other lives to… No b’s… No gimmicks…. Im talking about my world and my life…. All I know is what I’ve been through… I’m Chris….. I am only Chris …. And nobody I know Even calls me Chris or Christopher…((my slave name))… Because it would be a major problem for them… So atlest I’m changing…
        If you live me show it
        If you care for me show it
        If you are loyal to me show it
        If you are my friend show it…

        Me really I ain’t looking for no knew friends… Loyal one…. It’s just impossible…. Unless you prove me wrong… That go for relationships to… Impossible…. Unless you prove to me by the things you do or your actions… Love, loyalty and true worth are nothing to play with… BE there for ya friends and loved ones.
        But what am I saying… I don’t even eggxist to people… Underrated and overlooked but I am the truth and I will stay the truth till I die…

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