Warning A Uncontrollable Angry Mouth Peace Is Swearing And Using Bad Grammar

I once looked up to you like you were a giant. I never would have known that you would turnstile like this…

Fuck is you talkin bout!

O.G. of what?!

Motha fucka you is a bitch and a petty thief. You is a grown ass man and if you stood on a skyscraper you couldn’t stand taller den me. You couldn’t go harder den me Its a damn shame you use to be a fatha to me. You got a excellent family but you’re fucken selfish. Your  own kids want you delt wit. See… You fucken wit suicide shorty from Da 40s you don’t want these nightmares to come alive and ruin ya party.

Crash it you bastard. Like driving a car with no keys. You wear your life backwards like Chris Cross. Stop fucken actin like you hard. What kind of man hates on his sons for succeeding and trying to go far. You miserable pillow talka and Percocet stalka. At your funeral I’m gunna crack beers on ya coffin.

You shady motha fucka. Tom Brady motha fucka. Stay out my fucken way for I jam you like a 380. motha fucka. You got a good family but you is a shady motha fucka. You got a great wife that stuck by you and raised your baby’s motha fucka. You cheated on her not once not twice. You must be a crazy motha fucka. You’re a washed up old bitch you should walk with a cane motha fucka. Ya hair line receding  like LeBron James motha fucka. Soon you’ll lose everything that you should have been close to you stupid lazy motha fucka. For the record I fucken hate you unstable motha fucka.



27 thoughts on “Warning A Uncontrollable Angry Mouth Peace Is Swearing And Using Bad Grammar

  1. Please calm down…… this kind of rage hurts you more than the other.
    Irrespective of what he did , you have to go slow……. go for a trek , climb a mountain or row a boat or work out in a gym , anything that helps to dischrge this negative energy. Write when you are calmer.

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  2. Sometimes you just need to rage it out right Christopher and use your words like swords that open old wounds so that the old pus and bacteria can be cleansed out. And then you heal. Violence never solved anything but I know you need a place to release your anger. Here you among friends who care for you. We may give you different advice but one thing in common we care for you. Say it then leave it. To die alone in the ashes of your honest sharing. You need to talk more sweety just write me OK.

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  3. Rage. It’s like a volcano. It erupted. Then what? The lava flows. Settles.
    Breaks down over time to let lush green grow the same and nurture.
    That’s nature.
    Question: When someone hurts another, must we get down to that level and stay down, or rise higher to convey the point?


    • Thanks for all the reblogs yooooo!
      Hope college is treating you right. You know a lot of us that come from this city don’t even make it out the 7 or 8 grade…(like me… Hahaha) but you are the future now so take full advantage of the opportunities given to you then take off to higher heights… You got this shit on lock dug.. Make it happen! Peace and blessings balti-war associate!

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      • The college thing didn’t work out, but I’m still making it happen.

        You’re doing a good work, Chris. People don’t know these streets, and the media won’t talk about the real problems. Props to you for reppin the truth!

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      • You alredy! Thanks one thou….. And you rite… Everything ain’t for every body on that college situation and you still gonna get it in! That’s facts young hommie! What ain’t seen in the media will be bougt to the eyes of the Lord soon enough… Don’t forget that…. 😎✊

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