A Rose Blooms From A Glass Of Chardonnay


You’ve baked brownies laced with the taste of love.

You’ve kept the temp right always between us.

A tug of war with who adores who more.

So I did the dishes and you dried them off.

I see the twinkle in your eyes bating your lashes.

We moved closer and closer with lip locking magic.

The feeling I got was instant like a hot bowl of beef ramen.

I instantly insisted that I already knew what was next.

Oh…. I was wrong…

You stopped what you were doing and reached into the fridge to grab a can of whipped cream.

You turned around bright eyed with a smile and ran up the stairs like this was a dare.

The truth that I follow behind was a trail of your clothes that hit every three steps.

Your bra at the top of the stairs was the last clue prepared.

I opened up the slightly cracked door to her you softly day come on.

Ive never seen a human ice cream Sunday pretty pleased with two cherries on top.

Pretty please…

Pretty please…

I didn’t even matter that she got her cream all on my new sheets.

Didin’t come out of the can though…



16 thoughts on “A Rose Blooms From A Glass Of Chardonnay

  1. I so love the playfulness here that leads to something so much deeper and meaningful, and the fact that you both share equal responsibility in the relationship as well as in life’s routine like doing the dishes – and after work is done – ohh you have such the fun! you made me want to climb those stairs too. you are truly a gem Christopher – you write magnificently – raging fury and tender love all in one body – amazing!

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