To The Disgraceful And Unfaithful Fathers Of The Unwanted

This one here is for all the good single mothers I appreciate your true strength. I love you all!

That man…. The man that helped in creating the child that you both received. He left you to take care of all their needs. To you so called men. You are all just boys in a playpen. Trying to make your way in her life with fake words of love. You got you chance in and didn’t use a glove. When you’ve entered the womb it was her special and sacred place she gave to you. She thought you would be the man to stay and rule. You two faced rat! With spoken words of lust to cheat the game of life. Manipulating her to give it up. You foolish human with all the traits of satanic tendencies. You turn Eve against man. Leaving a good man with no chance of ever wooing her no matter how much you’re real with her.

You have to understand her mental pain and scares. The boot prints left behind that ran out on her relive a bad past. Making her challenge her worth and place in earth. Thanks a lot to the cowards that turn women off to a real start. With a man who wants a real commitment. A man that will be there and love his women and child with with imperial care. To the mothers and the mothers of fatherless sons and daughters. The ones that were created with no bother. Left to the beautiful and strong mothers to raise them. She loves them and will put nothing above them.

The most beautiful creation in the world is life. He took it for granted. Left y’all alone and stranded. One of the worst things in a kids eyes is when they see another kid with both parents.


You poor excuse made in God’s imsge. Tarnishing the minds of women. Running out on his own damn children. You fucking discuss me! Do you know that the almighty can see. So I sit here giving my high praises to all the mothers. The single parents. The true worriers of our creation. Taking us and raising us from babies to adults. Disppite our emotional handy caps.

I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’ŽπŸ˜˜

Oh ya! To the little boys who call yourself men. Ya I’m talking to you!!! If you want my address I’ll kindly give it to you. If you gain the courage to show ya face to plea your case. I’ll personally beat the taste and cave ya face leaving shattered in all places. That’s even if you can make it on my block without some kid carjacking you or shooting you at point blank. Fuck you and all your excuses your a disgrace.

For real thought! If you want my info. Go to my contacts and email me and I’ll give you my where abouts. By the way… I’m a real man and if you go throuh my directions and actually meet me. I’ll play far…. That’s my word….

I’m not joking or playing so contact me I you dare.


55 thoughts on “To The Disgraceful And Unfaithful Fathers Of The Unwanted

  1. Christopher, my dear, dear Christopher, what an amazing tribute to single mothers, being one, I thank you for your words that cannot be given a price, priceless and so appreciated , today I am speechless, this was so…..i cant find a word!

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    • Trust me! I understand in ways you would never think. I feel you… So image how other good women feel… It’s fucking sickning to me. To a level that put these type of men in my top 5s list of people i hate! The are truly fucking up life’s cycle.

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  2. Damn this was one Phenomenal tribute to single mothers! I’m honored to follow your blog Chris! You are a strong man with pure dignity to be addressing such issues with the impact of raw words with an emotional punch!
    Loved the strength throughout the read!

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  3. Your words are piercing, coming from the view piont of a good man. How you know it should be, the scared union where a life is created.
    However, i feel it is important to see this scenario from different angles as well, if you will allow me? I come from a home lke this and sometimes the mom and children are better off without them! no amount of money is any help that can make up for a unhappy sick or asshole in a man suit. Just saying maybe its a blessing.

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    • You are Absulutely right about this…. But I think I was just to mad to explain the blessing side of this….
      There is acually a short story behind this that triggered me to write this a month ago. One of my aunts was going through it with her kids father… Well ex boyfriend… I was at my aunt’s house and there was a hard knock at the door. She told me not to let him in the house…. But guess what I did…. I let him in the house….. Let me remind you that being a father has nothing to do with money… It’s all about the time you share with the young ones and etc…..
      He walked right past me and I could smell the liquor on his breath. I was already pissed that he walked pass me like I didnt know me. And trust me… He knows me! He walked over to his two kids and through money in there faces and told my aunt ” now you can’t say I never gave them shit”! …….. Now I absolutely don’t condone in violence unless necessary……. This was nessarry to me… Long story short he was on his way to the hospital and I was on my way to jail…. I’m still fighting the case and I may do a little time behind the wall for a minute but it is what it is. THE END…. LOL!

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