I grew up on the burning side of the city, where hollow point bullets took more souls then holocaust victims. God rest their souls. Hey kids there’s a new trend that’s going on its called black on black crime. I know why but I don’t have all the answers. Police officers using P.O.W. style war tactic’s on impoverished civilians hopping out their cars on us and killing and quarantining our children while tensions are building.

I still live though I know that death waits for me on every corner and alleyway and In vacant buildings. I still survive knowing that sometimes I pray for help even though I think god isn’t listening. Drugs of all sorts and cars of all sports. Our women are forced to sell their souls for nourishment for their children and the men just disrespect them for reasons I will not mention.

I’m just saying… Ain’t no love in these children and that’s why they off killing. I feel them, and all their pain spills on the pavement. I witnessed junkies get clean in prison and come home an make millions off of John Dillinger’s occupation. My city, my hood and my life sometimes its the only way.

Death before dishonor. Hell on earth and we sip forty ounces with leather base ball gloves on. Marijuana in our systems and prescription pain killers in our blood stream just to escape harsh reality even for a moment. Please forgive us, for it was never the life we choose we just inherited the skull and bones an broken homes and a culture we will never truly know.

No love at all. Someone please help save our souls!

Help me!

Save me!

Love me! For who I am.


7 thoughts on “I WAS BUILT LIKE THIS (Remastered)

  1. Christopher, you are an awesome journalist who keeps it real about what is happening in your world and it is so powerful. It’s as if you are the interviewer and the interviewee….you give us both perspectives. You are the truth baby brah!
    I mean that!

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    • Thanks sis! Yo… Your words! Those words mean everything to me. Thank you for you encouragement! I just try… That’s all… I’m know better that anyone else I don’t do this for money or for recognition… I just do this to be herd and so people can look at things from my point of perspective… Our point of perspective… That’s all.. But I thank you soooo! You’ve officially made my day! And that not a easy thing to do at all…. 😘💐

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