I fell in love with her pen. Her words were love at first write. She gave me the road maps to her inner minds emotional highways. As I concise with her verbs I see all the turn points in her life and strife. So I take note because if I ever met her in person her heart would be mine, and I would focus on her pessimistic quotes. Easing her into my life’s binding ropes of joy and pain through pleasure. I have to say what she writes touches the keys and opens my mental doors and motivates me to want more. GIVE IT TOO ME NOW! I say… Her similes are like ministries to me or some sort. Shes in pain and I know I can be her oxycodone making her feel warm an tingly and relaxed. Her mental and physical form of a pain killer, because I know I’m realer than most men… LET ME SAY IT AGAIN! I know I’m realer than most men! Foolish me, I cant see that this is love at first write. But I and her will never ever meet. damn!



The mad side the sad side… Anger! A phoenix rises from the ashes of my enemies as I rage on and break my slavery chains of passion, camouflaged in sheep clothing  as I take control over your mind and soul for my own devious purposes. I’ve just conquered  you just to destroy you from the inside out. HAHAHAHA!!


My cold an powerful words can cut you like ice sickles of solitude and strength can form glaciers of insurmountable path ways that block all negativity and harm .from getting to me.


A smooth prodigy I be. The true reincarnation of Malcolm X by any means. With my poise and ethereal image I can make like a faucet and drip sweet words from my lips and etc. I can form rain from your eyes and raise thunder storms from the palm of my hands in advance and destroy all of your plans with no trace of a single drop of h2o.


Tornadoes and hurricanes rise high to the top of the atmosphere touching the astral tips of the skyline  where you will find my mental level sometimes. I other words I feel like no one cane join me by hand and mind because I’m to high up. Please feel free to join me if you dare because there is no air where I am. Is there anyone on my level of thinking or do I have to let the wind do the talking and let the cyclones do the walking. I’ll just send a tsunami of thoughts threw your brain waves to crash into wet sands.


With my feet planted to the ground I will bloom soon with the trees growing to become the final release for me to breath every breath I choose. Try not to touch the beautiful rose thorns covering my arms and palms because you will get hurt. You will bleed the poison I possess in the the photosynthesis of my finger tips sharp like jagged rocks my skin color tan like Quick sand ready to swallow your life existence whole if you deceive me in anyway trust me.

I am a force of pure nature and I am all five elements that produce pain, joy, sorrow, rage and happiness. I AM FIVE!!!

Hunting Season By Cameron Chin

A good heart, filled with despair. Does a good heart really get you anywhere? This world is cold, they say only the wolves survive. Seems like having a good heart will only get you eaten alive. I reach for a greater being only to be held down by my own self esteem. Is there really hope for me? Hopefully, this is how things are supposed be! You’re one of kind so know everything in life takes time. Having a good heart is a blessing, just because others loss their souls trying to take control of what you already withhold, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their low. Just be you and control what you can control.

Can A Human Stop The Rain

Yourhe rainbow that comes out after the rain goes.

Beauty the butterfly… Colors so rare looking into your eyes.

Your just my type of sweet soft delight.

Your every words are articulate.

You form verbs with Your lips curves into art spitting out pastel sentences.

Very bright like my first trip on shrooms vivid sunny delight.

Stay and keep my body warm like I’m excersising , bench pressing your thighs sounds so apitizing.

Till I’m full…

I want to touch you softly like a harp.

Finger tips swiftly plucking the strings arousing moist parts.

Your golden solid..

Your value is priceless…

You are the very reason I make examples like this.

When you kissed…

I sucked on your bottom lip like a ring pop.

It tastes like cotton candy grow strait from heavens tree tops.

Kissing you to get to the center fruits juice.

We Then tie our bodies together like they made a truce.

All in between…

All this for me…

Taking A Smooth Walk Through Insanity Park

My city is wild. If your attemting suicide just go stand outside.

I swear that there should be a law against who should have kids. When I stepped in her house she was smoking weed in front of them.

These kids will grow into teenagers. Very curious in thought. You… As a mother telling your sons and daughters not to do drugs and then go to school and get caught.

He Ran up to the window of the car. With his hoodie on… Stuck the gun inside the window. Flashing on his own kinfolk.

School after school after school… The are shutting down. Making Google there only teaching tool.

We go to jail just to have a guarantied place to eat and sleep. Honestly to me personally. Prison is safer than being on the streets.

He said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

She said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

The truth is that both of them are cheating on each other. Days later…. One of them kills the other.

You can get guns and drugs here quicker than you can get a job.

Home invasions with no patience . They left the family dead of who they robbed.

He sat there on the edge of his sofa. Spinning the cylinder of his revolver. Telling the Lord that he’s sorry. The next day… Shot and killed by police. Caught on a robbing spree. Now the end… All of this was for rent and food for his kids to eat. There are way more chapter’s to these story’s. Chapters that will make you think real deep.


The Unsuccessful Ending Of What Wasn’t Written (100th

It was a hot summer day. I was sitting out front on the stoop of a vacant apartment on North and Mc Choullah when a masked gentleman approach me quickly coming out from around the corner.

I was cool… He pulled his heater out and it was already summer. In my mind I was thinking if it’s my time then it’s my time. The tall gentleman hesitated to pull the trigger. Well at first…

I told the gentleman that was holding the pistol by the corner of my right eye calmly to pull the fucking trigger. He was shaking and hesitated some more then I shouted out. Shoot me! What the fuck are you waiting for dummy!

He was surprised… I could tell by his movements and his pupils when I turned towards him. Looking him in the eyes that were glassy and red through his ninja type mask that you can by from any corner store in the city.

He look like he was high and needed some visine and a cheeseburger or some shit. Anyway! The guy with the gun to my head was rather in shock or he was a trigger virgin. Either way I kept my cool.

He was shaking hard to the point I could hear the guns inner parts raddling. Tink tink tink… Hahahaha… The guy was frozen and didn’t say a word. He then closed his eyes for a second. Opened his eyes back up cocking his steal.

When he cock the rusty gun back I could hear exactly what happen from my own personal experiences. The gun jammed by two bullets going in the chamber of his cheap America made appliance. His gun was done unless he had a butter knife or something and sometime on his hands.

The gentleman was standing there feet to the right of me trying to fix his gun by simultaneously cocking the gun. Oh my god this dummy is trying to fix his gun in broad daylight in the middle of a already shitty execution attempt. I kind of felt bad for this kid.

True story! I couldn’t hold it and laught at him with a group of light chuckles spilling from myself. Oh this guy was panicking…. He then yelled out loud… Fuckk! He could finish what he started or fix the problem he had. Then he turned around and run across the street through the cut to the alleyway. I said to myself…. What the fuck…. Did anybody see this hilarious show.

I continued to open my bad of corn chips and chomp away…

The moral of this is… If it was meant to be that my brains would have been on the vaccents brick wall. There is no way you can change what is written for you….