Can A Human Stop The Rain

Yourhe rainbow that comes out after the rain goes.

Beauty the butterfly… Colors so rare looking into your eyes.

Your just my type of sweet soft delight.

Your every words are articulate.

You form verbs with Your lips curves into art spitting out pastel sentences.

Very bright like my first trip on shrooms vivid sunny delight.

Stay and keep my body warm like I’m excersising , bench pressing your thighs sounds so apitizing.

Till I’m full…

I want to touch you softly like a harp.

Finger tips swiftly plucking the strings arousing moist parts.

Your golden solid..

Your value is priceless…

You are the very reason I make examples like this.

When you kissed…

I sucked on your bottom lip like a ring pop.

It tastes like cotton candy grow strait from heavens tree tops.

Kissing you to get to the center fruits juice.

We Then tie our bodies together like they made a truce.

All in between…

All this for me…

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