Taking A Smooth Walk Through Insanity Park

My city is wild. If your attemting suicide just go stand outside.

I swear that there should be a law against who should have kids. When I stepped in her house she was smoking weed in front of them.

These kids will grow into teenagers. Very curious in thought. You… As a mother telling your sons and daughters not to do drugs and then go to school and get caught.

He Ran up to the window of the car. With his hoodie on… Stuck the gun inside the window. Flashing on his own kinfolk.

School after school after school… The are shutting down. Making Google there only teaching tool.

We go to jail just to have a guarantied place to eat and sleep. Honestly to me personally. Prison is safer than being on the streets.

He said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

She said… “I’m going to kill you if you ever cheat on me!”

The truth is that both of them are cheating on each other. Days later…. One of them kills the other.

You can get guns and drugs here quicker than you can get a job.

Home invasions with no patience . They left the family dead of who they robbed.

He sat there on the edge of his sofa. Spinning the cylinder of his revolver. Telling the Lord that he’s sorry. The next day… Shot and killed by police. Caught on a robbing spree. Now the end… All of this was for rent and food for his kids to eat. There are way more chapter’s to these story’s. Chapters that will make you think real deep.



36 thoughts on “Taking A Smooth Walk Through Insanity Park

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  2. How I wish it were different for you my dear, this is such hard harsh reality you have to face each day. But I know you are strong and smart and wise above all, and you are always in my prayers. Live gives and we are on the receiving end of some serious stuff aren’t we Christopher.

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  3. This is heartbreaking … Your thoughts are rightly recognizing frustration in every person in this picture. They are so tired and worn of their struggles. They need hope and redirection! I hope they find help soon.

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  4. such a tough world to live in but people are living it everyday! I have heard of people purposely getting in trouble to end up in jail for safety, shelter and food. it is so sad

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  5. Such situations either make us or break us down and I am extremely glad that it is making you great.Now I understand why It is seriously better to be in jail than tolerate so much around…However I am still wondering your courage and strength..All your posts as well as comments reflect so much positivity(with a word peace attached at the end) and such a good sense of humour that now I am in your awe that is it the same Cristopher who is suffering and tolerating so much around…Hats off to you man!!!! Have faith in God and your potential…Keep up the hope that things will change!;-)

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